Lincoln University - Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Support Unit Assessment Reports

The assessment of administrative and student support units is equally critical to achieving Institutional Effectiveness.  According to Hirt (2009), whatever the mission or emphasis of the institution, the student affairs programs need to be developed to support and complement the mission. In addition, the literature provides strong evidence that the experiences of students in various student affairs programs, support services and administrative units have a significant impact on student retention and satisfaction (Hirt, 2009).

The Lincoln University seeks to incorporate the assessing of student support and administrative services into its overall assessment and institutional effectiveness planning. In so doing, the substantive and positive contributions of student support programs can be identified and further developed to assist in the campus wide achievement of student learning outcomes.

All administrative unit and student support unit submit an annual Support Unit Assessment (SUA) Report via Xitracs.  The report is divided into two sections. The first section consists of the unit’s assessment plan. The second section indicates the unit’s assessment results. The SUA report is intended to assist the staff/faculty to:

  • Track assessment results as they inform planning and decision making
  • Share and showcase best practices to continuously improve the student experience and learning
  • Maintain consistent records of their assessment efforts

Each program is expected to submit Section I of the SUA by October 1st and Section II of the SUA by May 31st of each academic year.