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Pre-Award Administration

Finding the right match between funding source and proposed project is an important step in the proposal process. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs has a variety of resources to assist faculty and staff in identifying funding sources.

  • Publications and Sponsor Announcements – ORSP will request foundation, governmental agency, and corporation guidelines and annual reports when necessary.
  • Attendance at Technical Assistance Workshops/Seminars – ORSP will attend technical assistance (TA) workshops and seminars to gain a better understanding of a program’s purpose and funding criteria.

Undergraduate Funding Opportunities
The Undergraduate Funding Opportunity booklet lists scholarships, internships, and research opportunities for undergraduate students. Compiled and maintained by the office’s student intern, this valuable instrument outlines various sources of funding opportunities.

Proposal Development/Review/Submission
Grant Officers assist researchers, project and program directors with proposal development by clarifying sponsors’ submission procedures and interpreting LU policies related to sponsored activities. Individuals are encouraged to consult with the ORSP staff at any time during proposal development. Assistance provided at an early stage can help avoid problems that might result in a sponsor’s rejection of a proposal or resolve issues that could delay acceptance of an award. It is particularly important to notify ORSP at an early date when responding to detailed proposal solicitations.

Given the complexity of some solicitations it is not possible to anticipate every question that can arise during proposal preparation. What certifications are required? How should subcontracts be costed? What is “off-campus?” Is approval needed from an institutional review committee? Can sponsored funds be used for facility renovations?

Typical ORSP input to the proposal development process includes:

  • High-level proposal editing and drafting assistance;
  • Budget preparation and proper costing;
  • Providing logistical support for items such as space and personnel;
  • Assisting the investigator in complying with any relevant special reviews;
  • Coordinating documentation for subcontracts and/or consultants;
  • Preparing certifications and representations for signature;
  • Coordinating department chair/unit/Center director signature(s)

Negotiation with Funding Agencies
ORSP reviews all award terms and conditions, in conjunction with the PD/PI to fully understand the technical aspects of the project. Award terms relating to cost principles, payment, property, intellectual property, legal issues, etc. are reviewed by ORSP in concert with other individuals/Offices (e.g., Legal Counsel, Business Office – Special Projects.)