Lincoln University - Office of Institutional Effectiveness

HBCU Activities

Activities supported in the present Comprehensive Development Plan include:

  • The improvement of the First-Year Experience program
  • Strengthening university Research & Sponsored programs
  • Improving Administrative Management
  • Developing student counseling center
  • Enhancing university development and external relations
  • Expanding university’s technological infrastructure
  • Creating an enterprise computing and workforce development program


Activity I- Improving First-Year Experience through Academic Advising

Activity Director:                   Ms. Nancy Kenner, M.S.

Description: The focus of this activity is to develop an extensive system of advisement for first-year students to increase student retention and declaration of majors. This activity will develop methods to rack and monitor all freshmen through their first year at Lincoln University. To this end, the objectives of this activity seek to expose staff, faculty, and first-year students to resources and activities that will enable them to stay in school and persist through graduation within a five-year period.

Contact Information
Office Phone:  484-365-7624
Location:  Wright Hall 203

Activity II – Developing Faculty towards Strengthening Research and Teaching

Activity Director:                   Dr. Michael Ehi Ayewoh, Ph.D., CALD

Description: The focus of this activity is to improve research and teaching at Lincoln by developing and expanding Lincoln University’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP).  This activity will strengthen Lincoln’s research and teaching infrastructure through the identification, application, and management of grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements.  To this end, the objectives of this activity seek to expose the faculty, staff, and students to resources and tools to identify grant opportunities; provide individual and group training and support to create strong, competitive, and winning proposals; and assist faculty with the day-to-day management of their awards.

Contact Information
Office Phone: 484-365-7693
Location: Wright Hall 116

Activity III – Improvement of Administrative Management and Functions

 Activity Director:                   Ms. Catherine Rutledge

Description: This activity will focus on developing methods of access to data for better management and decision making.  This activity will strengthen Lincoln’s administrative infrastructure through the identification, sourcing and implementation of cutting edge technological database systems that will improve data and fiscal management as well as improve and enhance the student tracking system. To this end, the objectives of this activity seek to expose faculty, staff, and students to resources and tools for tracking, analyzing and disseminating university data to both internal and external university stake holders while continuously monitoring, evaluating, and updating internal institutional research systems to develop an effective information management function for improved decision making.

Contact Information
Office Phone: 484-365-8086
Location:  LH 106


Activity IV – Developing a Student Counseling Center

Activity Director:          Ms. Rachel Manson, M.S.W.

Lincoln University Counseling services is dedicated to providing outstanding services to enhance personal, professional and educational development. Counseling Services support the University’s mission of providing a quality education by addressing the psychological, behavioral and emotional needs of the student through individual and group counseling, crisis management, psych-education, referrals, consultation and assessment services.

Rachel Manson, is a licensed social worker and the Director of Counseling Services and Women’s Center at Lincoln University.  She earned her B.A. degree in Sociology from the University of San Francisco, completed her Masters of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania school of Social Policy & Practice and Drug & Alcohol Certificate Program from Villanova University.

Throughout her career Mrs. Manson has worked in the juvenile justice, mental health, child welfare, education, residential and outpatient health, and education systems, developing and managing programs to meet the needs of children, adults and families. She is a seasoned practitioner trained in Functional Family Therapy, and psycho-dynamic approaches to clinical therapy.

With over 25 years experience as a therapist and administrator, much of her clinical focus is concentrated on individual and family therapy, bereavement, crisis management, stress management, honoring differences and HIV/AIDS counseling and testing.  Additionally she has also managed and coordinated programs organized around domestic violence, sexual assault, suicide prevention, preconception education, drug and alcohol prevention and recovery, transitional housing for homeless women and children and community reintegration for people discharged from prison and mental health residential placement.

Contact Information
Office Phone:   484-365-7807
Location:  Hansberry

Activity V – Enhancing University Development and External Relations

Activity Director:                   Ms. Rita Dibble, M.S.,M.A.

Description: The focus of this activity is to provide counseling to targeted high-risk students in all situations.  This activity will include the development of workshops; training of faculty and staff; individual and group counseling of students on personal, academic, and career matters; and the implementation of methods to address emergency and unusual situations. The primary goal of this activity is to maximize the academic success of all students.

Contact Information
Office Phone:   484-365-7429
Location:   Alumni House


Activity VI – Enhancing the University’s Technological Infrastructure for Administrative Management, Teaching, and Learning

Activity Director:                   Mr. Andre Warner

Description: The focus of this activity is to develop and maintain cutting edge technology to manage the University funds and administrative systems, and to establish a vibrant distance education program.  This includes the student academic database system, the University webpage, and the University’s distance education programs.  The implementation of this activity will ultimately improve the quality of education and services that are available to Lincoln’s students, thus improving retention and graduation rate, while increasing the number of students who matriculate at Lincoln.

Contact Information
Office Phone:  484-365-7345
Location:   Mod- Rm 10


Activity VII – Developing Enterprise Systems and Engineering Programs

Activity Director:                   Dr. Andriy Semychayevskyy, Ph.D.

Description: The focus of this activity is to develop a new academic program in engineering and strengthen the existing academic programs related to computer science and information technology.  The increased call for highly qualified engineers nationwide—coupled with the very direct call for an engineering program at Lincoln—necessitates the implementation of an engineering program at this time.  At the same time, Lincoln’s current Computer Science and Information Technology programs require strengthening to respond to the changing needs of an IT workforce.  This activity proposes to infuse workforce development modules into these fields to create an Enterprise Systems program and make Lincoln’s graduates better prepared for the workplace.

Contact Information
Office Phone:  484-365-7474
Location:  LH304