Lincoln University - Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Program Review

All of The Lincoln University Programs are reviewed on a five-year cycle. The program review consists of a self-study report and internal and external reviews. The involvement of staff and faculty from units outside the program under review promotes campus-wide understanding of the contributions of each unit to the mission of the institution. The involvement of external reviewers emphasizes the importance of Lincoln’s connections with the academic community at large

The Institutional Planning & Assessment Council (IPAC) works in collaboration with The Office of Assessment & Accreditation to facilitate the Program Review process by:

  • Selecting the Task Force for internal review of programs.
  • Ensuring timely submission of the Internal review report/feedback rubric.
  • Supporting the Department in staying within the designated timeline.
  • Ensuring the continuity and integrity of the review process and follow up activities.

The Office of Institutional Research supports the Program Review process by collecting, analyzing, and providing program data since the last Program Review (typically 5 years).

Review Cycle

The program review schedule is designated by College. One year prior to each College’s comprehensive review of its programs, The Office of Assessment & Accreditation in collaboration with IPAC will work with the College Dean, to determine the process and timeline for each program within that Academic year.