Lincoln University - Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Applying for HSC-IRB Review

Welcome, prospective applicant! The members of the Human Subjects Committee & Institutional Review Board at Lincoln University of Pennsylvania (LUPA), would like to thank you for choosing our institution as a potential site to conduct research and we strive to make the application process as seamless and efficient as possible.

Below, please find the steps that will guide you through the process and ensure a speedy response & decision in regards to the review of your protocol. Following the steps, you will find the contact information for the IRB Coordinator and Chairperson should you have any further questions.

We thank you, once again, for your application; and we wish you the very best in your research endeavors.


Step 1:

Please use the following check list to ensure that all documents needed for the successful submission to the review board are accounted for prior to submitting the package. Applications will not be considered until all items from checklist are attached before it is sent to the IRB coordinator for verification and submission to the committee for review.

When do I request exempt v. expedited review of my protocol? Click here.

Step 2:

In accordance to the checklist of items to submit, here are some sample forms that we strongly encourage each applicant to use.

Note: If the request being submitted is for renewal of IRB status, please provide a progress report of the status of the current research. Also,  if research is being conducted in conjunction with another institution, please provide the IRB confirmation of approval from that institution’s committee along with your submittal to LUPA HSC/IRB committee.

Step 3:

Once all items have been gathered and completed, please forward them to the attention of the IRB coordinator who will check their completion and forward them for review.


The Human Subjects Committee of the Institutional Review Board at the Lincoln University of Pennsylvania is dedicated to ensuring that the process of approval and safe research conducted at Lincoln University is done so in a manner that is compliant with federal guidelines, and that ensures the safety and equitable treatment of all participants involved in approved research. We are proud to have the following individuals serve on our committee: Active Members.




Dr. Susan Safford, PhD
Chairperson, HSC/IRB
phone: 484-365-7512

Mr. Courie N. Foster, B.A.
Coordinator, HSC/IRB
phone: 484-365-7293
fax: 484-365-7691